Stereographic sunpath diagrams generator

Latitude: °

Add a façade's shading mask
Façade tilt angle: ° (vertical façade=90°)
Façade azimuth: ° (counted clockwise from North: North=0° East=90° South=180° West=270°)

Add a horizon's shading mask
Horizon's profile:
(horizon's profile must be defined by pairs of azimut and height angles; height is linearly interpolated between the provided pairs)

Alternatively to retrieve a horizon shading mask for a specific location

Colour sunpaths according to direct irradiance
(colours show approximate direct irradiance ranges:
purple: low <~200 W/m2
red: middle ~200 to ~400 W/m2
yellow: high >~400 W/m2
grey: 0 sun behind façade!
If no façade is defined, a horizontal incident plane is assumed)

Add a background picture
(A background picture can be either a "multishading mask" or an "effective envelope area picture". Other image types are not supported)

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