UBC: an online tool to evaluate solar and daylight access in urban canyons

Adjust model's parameters:

azi: Main façade's azimuth °
H: Canyon's height
W: Canyon's width
S: Height of façade's area of interest
B: Gap below façade's area of interest
Add an overhang
L: Overhang's length
T: Position above façade's area
Also consider interreflections
ρf: Façades' reflectance
ρs: Street's reflectance

The calculations will be performed only for the façade's area of interest (coloured in red on the section view) and, optionally, at street level. Since it is a symmetrical canyon (both façades have the same height), the sum B+S+T should always remain ≤H). All dimensions can be specified with any unit at any scale. Azimuth is defined clockwise from North: North=0° East=90° South=180° West=270°

Also make computations at street level
PLease use a modern browser...

Select a geographic location either by specifying:

a latitude or a specific site
Latitude: °

See this paper (presented at Eurosun 2018 conference) for details about the calculation methods used by this tool
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