INDALUX software package for characterizing solar and daylight access in urban areas


INDALUX software package is available as open source as a tar archive file from: this link. The software has been entirely developed on the LINUX system and absolutely requires to have the Radiance software properly installed on the same computer. We can provide an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS virtual machine (suitable to be used either on MAC or PC through virtualbox) where Radiance and INDALUX are already preinstalled. Feel freee to ask.


INDALUX software package (Copyright © 2018 R.Compagnon) is freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3. Some programs included in the package make use of libraries included in the Radiance software. To properly compile those programs, the Radiance source code must be available on the computer. Some programs included in the package make use of the NREL's SOLPOS 2.0 source code which is included in the distribution.

History and credits

This software package has been progressively developed over the years from parts of the outcomes of several research projects which benefited from various funding sources:


These references describe the methods and use of the tools included in the INDALUX software package:
© R. Compagnon @ HEIA-FR 2018